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I boozed with an 83 year old dude last night!!!!

First of all - shoutouts to Frank Kesller's manager. Dont know who you are - but your a brother to me. A brotha from anotha motha.... Do me a favor bud - dont shitcan Frank if theres layoffs. Keep making those sauces and riding those bikes!!!

As you can imagine taking all these chicken busses and midnight trains I have a lot of time to think. Think about the future, the past, my family, friends, home, ex-lovers, current relationships, the time space continuum, nunchuck skills, Rolandos, etc... Ive had a lot to think about recently and a lot to reflect on. I dont know – I have more to say on this, but dont know how to put it to paper so maybe I will add more in this department in the next post. Its really important though so I want to make sure I leave it at the top.

We made 10,000 hits on the website! GO TEAM!!!! My original goal was 5k and when I made that then I figured 8k would be where Id hit the plateau (on a sidenote plateau is a very silly word). So thanks again for your support. I spent a lot of time on the website, and I think you have spent a lot of time reading and I think we all enjoy so its like a win, win, win!

I am sitting on the train right now heading to Malaysia and got an inspiration that I have to share with you. I dont think I have written a poem since I was about 4 but once I got started I couldnt stop. I suppose its the natural evolution Ive taken on this safari. First live out of a hobo sack, wear your clothes more days than anyone would image, become a pacifist and start writing poetry. Soon you will see me around a campfire with one of those mexican ponchos made of hemp talking about how Bush is an alien that smokes secret alien hash thats so strong it fuels the space shuttle. Please – if that ever happens, go to Michigan and open a savings account. Then take your free gun to the barber shop where you can purchase armor piercing ammunition with your elementary school ID and put a few in me like my name was Amadou Diallo! So here goes....

Im in love with a woman

Shes long and slender with a heart full of gold
Her skin is golden brown and always well moisturized

She goes to sleep when the sun comes up
Yet every morning she wakes before me with a smile
Throughout the whole day her energy is inviting and warm
I must be the luckiest man in the world!

Shes got gorgeous mountains up top
Down below her bush is enough to make a heart stop

My god, what a rush
Her taste, her smell, her touch!

Ive seen many like her in my day
But nothing can compare

Shes fair, gentle, and kind
And if you meet her she will blow your mind
She must come from heaven!

Its the type of love you cant get out of your mind
Its there with you all day – something you cant shut off
You need it like a pig his trough

We only spent a short time together but it feels like a lifetime
The train is leaving – this is it babe
We had one hell of a ride, one I will never forget

In the meanwhile I may be a bad man and be with others, but you will always be in my thoughts

I hope you can find it in your heart to let me back into your arms one day when the time is right

Im sorry – I have to go....

Her name is Thailand.... and yes, she only has one name like Seal or McGlovin...

From beaches and buckets to tigers and temples theres something for everyone. God do I love this place. Now pass me a Chang mange and lets write the next chapter!!!

Oh yeah, so I have told some people but some of you may not know that Im not coming back to my old life. Reliability Engineer level 2 Bijan Azmoodeh is going to have a go at life overseas. I cant get my heart set on exactly what I want to do, or where at but hopefully it will be somewhere warm! I have two days left before I want to leave so I still have 47.5 hours till I have to decide where to go.

Well, im coming close to the end of my trip and I really cant believe it! Its sad and terrible and awful all at the same time. I have had one hell of a run, and am grateful for everything that has happened – I truly have been blessed!

I still have to write about Iran, but maybe my next post will be from my new homeland!

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