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The fat lady is singin!!!! 03.17.2009
Lets backtrack to Iran. Shall we? Part Deux 01.22.2009
Lets backtrack to Iran. Shall we? 01.22.2009
I boozed with an 83 year old dude last night!!!! 01.17.2009
Shit this place is nuts... 01.07.2009
Ladies and gentleman, I present the Islamic Republic of Iran 01.05.2009
Be prepared for a fat one..... 12.27.2008
Goooooooood morning Vietnam!!! 12.10.2008
Damn this place is coo 11.17.2008
Thailand - more like ladyboyland 11.05.2008
This is starting to get weird. 10.22.2008
I'd honestly have to say- that wasnt all that hard PART DEUX 10.11.2008
I'd honestly have to say - that wasnt all that hard... 10.10.2008
Im about to do something crazy.... 09.24.2008
Reflections... 09.15.2008
I am mzungu, hear me roar! 09.06.2008
Bijan needs a new camera! 08.28.2008
Walk.... I mean - Smoke like an Egyptian 08.19.2008
Greece & Egypt 08.13.2008
Sorry! 08.06.2008
Argentina, this time for real. 07.28.2008
Mini Entry 07.25.2008
Bloody mess... 07.20.2008
Mas Peru! 07.13.2008
PERU IS AWESOME!!!! 07.07.2008
Wrapping it up.... Ecuador that is. 06.30.2008
*WARNING* 06.25.2008
Last day in Bocas, Boquette, and finally off to Ecuador!!!! 06.20.2008
Ba Ba Ba Bocas 06.16.2008
Bocas, Bastimentos, and La Playa 06.10.2008
Casco Viejo, Mira Flores, Kuna Yala, etc... 06.07.2008
Partys over tell the rest of the crew 06.04.2008
Got this bad boy up and running! 05.04.2008